Asbestos survey guide: Buying a property


Keys for domestic property needing asbestos survey

This our 10-step guide on having an asbestos survey on a property you are buying

Step 1: Understand the Importance of an Asbestos Survey:

Asbestos was widely used in construction until its ban in 1999 in the UK. Therefore, older properties may contain asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). An asbestos survey is essential to identify and assess the presence and condition of ACMs in the property. 

Step 2: Identify the Type of Survey You Need:

There are two main types of asbestos surveys in the UK: – Management Survey: This is the standard survey for all non-domestic properties and residential buildings where no refurbishment or demolition work is planned. It identifies the presence and condition of ACMs that could be disturbed during normal occupancy and maintenance. – Refurbishment or Demolition Survey: This survey is required before significant renovation or demolition work. It is more intrusive and aims to locate all ACMs in the area of work. 

Step 3: Get an expert Asbestos Surveyor:

Ensure you hire a qualified company like Complete Asbestos Surveys. They should hold relevant certifications and insurance to carry out asbestos surveys safely. 

Step 4: Inform the Seller and Estate Agent:

Notify the seller and estate agent of your intention to conduct an asbestos survey. This can be included as a condition in your offer to purchase the property. 

Step 5: Schedule the Survey:

Coordinate with us to schedule the survey at a convenient time. We will inspect all accessible areas of the property, including ceilings, walls, floors, and hidden spaces like lofts and basements. 

Step 6: Review the Survey Report:

Once the survey is complete, we will provide a detailed report. This report will include: – Locations of any identified asbestos (ACMs). – Their condition and risk assessment. – Recommendations for management or removal.  We will guide you through the report as like most reports they are full of text you may be unfamiliar with.

Step 7: Assess the Risks and Costs:

Based on the survey report, assess the risks associated with any identified ACMs and the potential costs for management or removal. This information can be crucial in your decision-making process. 

Step 8: Negotiate with the Seller:

If the survey reveals the presence of asbestos (ACMs) that require removal or management, you can negotiate with the seller regarding necessary repairs or adjustments to the property’s price. 

Step 9: Plan for Asbestos Management or Removal:

If necessary, plan for the safe management or removal of ACMs. This should be done by asbestos removal contractors, and they should notify relevant authorities as required. We can carry out non-licensed asbestos removal and manage any licensed asbestos removal for you.

Step 10: Finalize the Purchase:

Once any asbestos-related issues are addressed to your satisfaction, you can proceed with the purchase of the property. Remember that asbestos surveys are essential for yours, your families or your employee’s safety and compliance with regulations. Always prioritize safety when dealing with asbestos-containing materials in any property transaction.

You can check out our where is asbestos page which shows you some locations where asbestos can be located on domestic and industrial properties.

If you are unsure on anything asbestos related when buying a property get in touch and we can advise you what to do.

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