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Complete Asbestos Surveys effectively conducted an asbestos re-inspection survey for Autosound, a leading audio industry company, managing their external asbestos cement roof sheets and contributing to a safer working environment.

Re-inspection Survey at Autosound


Autosound, a renowned name in the audio industry since 1964, has been at the forefront of innovation, evolving from radios and eight-track tape players to modern multimedia systems for diverse vehicles, including planes, trains, automobiles, motor yachts, motor homes, caravans, and luxury coaches.

The Regulations

As part of their commitment to safety and regulatory compliance, Autosound identified the need to manage the external asbestos cement roof sheets present in their facilities. Given the potential health risks associated with asbestos, a thorough asbestos survey was deemed necessary which then has turned into an annual re-inspection survey.

The Solution

Complete Asbestos Surveys, a leading provider of asbestos management solutions, was entrusted with the task of carrying out the re-inspection survey. Our team of experienced surveyors, adhering to stringent safety protocols, conducted the survey.

The Survey

The survey involved a comprehensive inspection of the external asbestos cement roof sheets. Our team meticulously documented the condition of the asbestos materials, noting any signs of damage or deterioration. We also assessed the potential risk of asbestos exposure to employees and visitors at the Autosound facilities.

Asbestos survey in commercial premises

The Recommendations

The re-inspection survey provided Autosound with a detailed understanding of the condition of their asbestos materials. This information is crucial in helping them develop an effective asbestos management plan. The survey also reaffirmed Autosound’s commitment to providing a safe environment for their employees and customers.


This case study underscores the importance of regular asbestos re-inspection surveys in managing asbestos materials safely and effectively. Complete Asbestos Surveys is proud to have supported Autosound in their asbestos management efforts, contributing to a safer working environment.

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