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Law Slack House

Asbestos management survey conducted by Complete Asbestos Surveys for Law Slack House, a charming old farm cottage with distinctive character features.

Asbestos Management Survey for Law Slack House

Client Overview: Complete Asbestos Surveys conducted an asbestos management survey for a client interested in purchasing Law Slack House, an old farm cottage with unique character features. The client aimed to ensure the safety and compliance of the property before finalizing the purchase.

Scope of Work: The survey covered all areas of the property, including sampling from floor tiles, paper-backed lino, fibreboard, gasket, bitumen, rope seals to AGA, and cement sheeting. These materials were commonly used in older constructions and were potential sources of asbestos.

Survey Findings: Samples taken during the survey revealed the presence of asbestos in several areas of the property:

  • Paper Backed Lino: Asbestos was detected in the paper backing of the linoleum flooring.
  • Rope Seal to AGA: Asbestos-containing material was identified in the rope seal used around the AGA appliance.
  • Cement Sheeting: Asbestos was found in the cement sheeting, notably in a section utilized to form a compost heap in the garden.


Safety Concerns: The presence of asbestos in various parts of the property posed a potential health risk to occupants if disturbed.

Recommendation: Complete Asbestos Surveys advised the client to refrain from any activities that could disturb the asbestos-containing materials until proper remediation measures were implemented.

Removal and Remediation: With asbestos confirmed in critical areas, the client needed to address the issue promptly to ensure a safe living environment.

Recommendation: The client was advised to obtain a removal quote from asbestos removal professionals to safely eliminate the asbestos-containing materials from the property.

Outcome: Armed with the survey findings and removal quote, the client had valuable leverage in negotiations regarding the cost of the property sale. By addressing the asbestos issue upfront, the client demonstrated a commitment to safety and compliance while protecting their investment in Law Slack House.

Conclusion: Complete Asbestos Surveys provided comprehensive insights into the asbestos status of Law Slack House, enabling the client to make informed decisions regarding the property purchase. Through proactive management and proper remediation measures, the client could proceed with confidence, ensuring the safety and well-being of future occupants.

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