How to Save Money on Asbestos Removal: A Guide to UK Tax Relief


Tax relief on asbestos removal

How to Save Money on Asbestos Removal: A Guide to UK Tax Relief

Asbestos removal can be a significant expense for businesses, often seen as a burdensome cost. However, many companies are unaware that they can receive substantial tax relief for asbestos removal and management. This financial incentive not only helps offset the costs but also promotes safer working environments.

Understanding the UK Government’s Asbestos Removal Tax Relief

In 2001, the UK government introduced a generous tax relief incentive to support businesses in removing and managing asbestos. This incentive offers a 150% tax relief on the expenses associated with asbestos removal. The primary goal of this initiative is to mitigate the health risks posed by asbestos exposure, which can lead to severe conditions like mesothelioma and lung cancer.

How to Qualify for Asbestos Removal Tax Relief

To take advantage of this tax relief, businesses must adhere to specific guidelines and regulations related to asbestos removal. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Hire a Licensed Specialist: Ensure that a licensed asbestos removal specialist handles the project. This guarantees that all safety procedures are followed and asbestos-containing materials are disposed of properly.
  • Compliance with Safety Standards: Follow all established safety regulations throughout the removal process to protect workers and the public.
  • Proper Documentation: Maintain comprehensive documentation of the asbestos removal project, which is essential for claiming the tax relief.

After completing the project, businesses can claim the 150% tax relief as a deduction against their taxable profits. This significantly reduces their overall tax liability.

Financial and Health Benefits of Asbestos Removal Tax Relief

The asbestos removal tax relief offers several advantages:

  • Financial Savings: For instance, if a company spends £10,000 on asbestos removal, it can deduct £15,000 (150% of £10,000) from its taxable profits. At a corporate tax rate of 30%, this results in a £4,500 reduction in tax liability. This means that even if your company operates at a loss, you can receive a tax rebate.
  • Health and Safety: By promoting asbestos removal, the government aims to create safer workplaces, reducing the incidence of asbestos-related diseases.
  • Enhanced Reputation: Companies that invest in asbestos removal demonstrate a commitment to employee safety and environmental responsibility. This can enhance the company’s reputation, build customer trust, and attract top talent.

Example Scenario

Consider this example to understand the financial impact better:

  • Project Cost: Your company spends £10,000 on an asbestos-containing materials (ACM) removal project with Complete Asbestos Surveys.
  • Tax Relief: You qualify for 150% tax relief, which allows you to deduct £15,000 from your taxable profits.
  • Tax Savings: With a corporate tax rate of 30%, this deduction reduces your tax liability by £4,500.
  • Loss Situation: If your company records a loss, you can still claim a tax rebate.

Complete Asbestos Surveys can assist you in preparing the necessary documentation to claim your cash rebate efficiently.

Asbestos removal planning


Q.  What types of expenses qualify for asbestos removal tax relief?

A. Expenses directly related to the removal and management of asbestos, including hiring asbestos licensed contractors and following safety regulations, qualify for the tax relief.

Q.  Can any company claim asbestos removal tax relief?

A. Yes, any UK-based company that incurs expenses for asbestos removal and complies with the necessary regulations can claim this tax relief.

Q. How do I claim the asbestos removal tax relief?

A. You can claim the relief by maintaining detailed documentation of your asbestos removal project and submitting it along with your tax returns.


If your business has asbestos and you are considering removal, it is worthwhile to explore this tax relief. Not only can it significantly reduce your costs, but it also demonstrates your commitment to safety and corporate responsibility. Contact us to formulate a plan and maximize your tax rebate benefits.

By following these guidelines, businesses can make asbestos removal more affordable and safer for everyone involved.

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