The uses of asbestos


The uses of asbestos

Although banned in the uk it is still in use in many countries throughout the world today. Asbestos was called the ‘’miracle mineral’’ due to its characteristics. These include, waterproofing, sound proofing, fire resistant, anti-corrosion and insulation just to name a few.

Asbestos fibers are strong, durable, and resist heat, acids, and friction. They are virtually indestructible and that’s why they are so dangerous to health. Because of these useful physical properties, asbestos fibers were often combined with other materials for use in thousands of industrial, maritime, automotive, industrial, construction and housing industries products predominantly.

Some of the products include :

More of these products can be found here These products can be found in any building built before the year 2000 in the uk.

This shows the importance of having an asbestos survey carried out and any asbestos products within your property can be managed safely.

If you are unsure on any material found within your property its always best to have it sampled. Complete Asbestos surveys offers this service and can turn that sample around within 24hrs if required.

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Q: Why was asbestos called the “miracle mineral,” and what are its main characteristics that made it popular for various industrial uses?

A: Asbestos earned the nickname “miracle mineral” due to its exceptional properties, including waterproofing, soundproofing, fire resistance, anti-corrosion, and insulation capabilities. Its fibres are strong, durable, and resistant to heat, acids, and friction, making it an attractive choice for various industries.

Q: What are some common products that contain asbestos, and why is it still present in many buildings despite being banned in the UK?

A: Asbestos was widely used in numerous products, including insulation, fireproofing materials, textile and cloth products, compounds, gaskets, pipes, tiles, roofing materials, and friction materials like brakes and clutches. Despite being banned in the UK, it is still present in many buildings constructed before the year 2000 due to its widespread previous use.

Q: How can individuals determine if their property contains asbestos, and what steps should they take if they suspect its presence?

A: If unsure about the presence of asbestos in a property, it’s best to have it sampled by professionals. Companies like Complete Asbestos Surveys offer sampling services, with results typically available within 24 hours if needed. If asbestos is confirmed, proper remediation measures should be taken to ensure safety.

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