Damaged asbestos roof on old barn

Complete Asbestos are an asbestos removal and encapsulation specialist based in West Yorkshire.

The decision on how to treat asbestos depends on a number of factors. Complete Asbestos are experts in this field and can advise on the best course of action; whether this means asbestos removal, or asbestos encapsulation.

As specialists in asbestos removal, abatement, clean-up and encapsulation, Complete Asbestos can ensure that you fully comply with your legal obligations and avoid a prosecution that could result in heavy fines, or even a jail sentence.

Asbestos Removal

Removal of asbestos is carried out by our qualified Asbestos removal team. Complete Asbestos will remove all types of non-licensed asbestos from roofs, floor tiles, gutters, cement products, any building prior to refurbishment or demolition works etc.

Our Asbestos Removal operatives are CSCS qualified, and undergo refresher training to ensure they maintain the required standard in the removal of non-licenced asbestos.

Asbestos Encapsulation

Not all asbestos needs to be removed. Undamaged asbestos (and even some damaged asbestos) can be made safe by repairing it and either sealing or enclosing it to prevent damage – a process called asbestos encapsulation.

Encapsulation is a method of covering the asbestos with high performance bandages and paint coatings to prevent asbestos fibres escaping. Once encapsulated the area is labelled and added to your Asbestos Register.

Non-licensed asbestos materials:

Asbestos cement

The most common asbestos material used. Found on garage roofs, barn/farms, panel boards, bath panels, soffits and fascia’s, downpipes, flue pipes with many more asbestos cement products. Our expert team removes asbestos safely, affordably and efficiently with little disruption to your daily life. Complete asbestos can promptly and safely remove asbestos cement for you.

Asbestos textured coating

Asbestos textured coating or often referred to as artex. Frequently located within homes and offices, to ceilings or walls. Low risk where in good condition but needs to be removed under controlled conditions. Used in the uk until 1999. Unsure if you have asbestos artex or not? Don’t touch it and get in touch with us. Our team are experts in sampling and removing asbestos artex.

Asbestos floor tiles / vinyl

Popular choice of flooring during the height of asbestos, this was due them being resilient and inexpensive. They come in many different colours and styles which mean they need sampling to determine if they contain asbestos. Complete asbestos are specialists in sampling and the safe removal of asbestos floor tiles.


Complete asbestos safely remove the following other asbestos items Flash guards, fibre board, soffits, bitumen, flue, downpipes and many more.

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