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Asbestos Gallery

Asbestos Reference Images

This gallery is here for you to help you identify if you have any materials or products which may be putting you and others at risk within your building.

Asbestos is used in an estimated 5,000 various different products. These products and materials were installed into our homes, schools, hospitals, offices, factories and other sectors.

Asbestos bitumen sink pad

Asbestos Bitumen

Asbestos cement corrugated sheets stacked against each other

Asbestos Cement

Asbestos composite toilet cistern with pull cord flush

Asbestos Composite Materials

Asbestos containing gaskets on pipe flanges

Asbestos Gaskets

Asbestos insulating board (AIB) stacked in piles and in poor condition

Asbestos Insulating Board

Asbestos insulation and debris on heating pipework in boiler room

Asbestos Insulation

Asbestos canvas and band paper insulation around heating pipework

Asbestos Paper

Asbestos containing artex ceiling in domestic property

Asbestos Textured Coating

Damaged asbestos vinyl floor tiles

Asbestos Vinyl Floor Tiles

Asbestos fuse guard identified on asbestos management survey

Asbestos Woven Textiles

A danger sign for asbestos hazard keep out

Encapsulated Asbestos

Asbestos was used on car brake pads


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