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Dugdale Bros & Co Ltd sought to ensure compliance and safety during a new cable installation project, prompting the necessity for an asbestos survey. During the survey, asbestos paper vapor barrier was discovered on the pipe work within the basement. Complete Asbestos Surveys was tasked with managing the subsequent asbestos removal process.

Challenges Faced:

Compliance and Safety Concerns: With a new cable installation project underway, Dugdale Bros & Co Ltd recognized the importance of adhering to asbestos regulations and ensuring a safe working environment for their employees and contractors.

Identification of Asbestos Material: The presence of asbestos paper vapor barrier on the pipe work posed a significant concern. Identification and subsequent management of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) require meticulous attention to detail and adherence to safety protocols.

Timely and Efficient Removal: Asbestos removal must be executed promptly and efficiently to minimize disruption to ongoing projects and mitigate potential health risks associated with asbestos exposure. We will be overseeing the asbestos removal for this project.


Thorough Survey Process: Complete Asbestos Surveys conducted a comprehensive asbestos management survey, employing techniques to identify and assess any ACMs present within the premises.

Expert Analysis: Experienced asbestos surveyors meticulously examined the property, identifying asbestos paper vapor barrier on the pipe work within the basement.

Tailored Removal Plan: Following the identification of asbestos-containing materials, Complete Asbestos Surveys collaborated closely with Dugdale Bros & Co Ltd to develop a customized removal plan that prioritized safety, efficiency, and compliance.


Safe Asbestos Removal: Complete Asbestos Surveys orchestrated the safe and efficient removal of asbestos paper vapor barrier from the pipe work within the basement, adhering to stringent safety protocols and regulations.

Project Management: Throughout the removal process, Complete Asbestos Surveys assumed responsibility for project management, overseeing every aspect of the operation to ensure timely completion and minimal disruption to Dugdale Bros & Co Ltd’s operations.

Documentation and Compliance: Comprehensive documentation was provided to Dugdale Bros & Co Ltd, detailing the asbestos removal process and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards.


Safe Working Environment: Dugdale Bros & Co Ltd will soon boast a safer working environment, free from the hazards associated with asbestos-containing materials.

Compliance Assurance: With the completion of the asbestos management survey and subsequent removal of ACMs, Dugdale Bros & Co Ltd can rest assured knowing they are in full compliance with asbestos regulations and guidelines.

Efficient Project Execution: By entrusting Complete Asbestos Surveys with the management of asbestos removal, Dugdale Bros & Co Ltd successfully mitigated potential project delays and health risks associated with asbestos exposure.


Complete Asbestos Surveys successfully assisted Dugdale Bros & Co Ltd in achieving compliance and safety objectives through the meticulous identification and removal of asbestos-containing materials. By leveraging expertise and adhering to stringent safety protocols, Complete Asbestos Surveys facilitated the seamless execution of Dugdale Bros & Co Ltd’s new cable installation project while ensuring the well-being of all personnel involved.

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