Detached house where asbestos management survey was carried out

Asbestos management survey undertaken on this domestic property prior to the client purchasing the property.

We were approached by the purchaser of this property as the home buyer’s survey had raised concerns regarding the age of the property and asbestos could be present.

The surveyor was correct; when we carried out an asbestos management survey on this domestic property we had some positive results for products containing asbestos.

The garage contains asbestos insulating board to the ceiling, this is currently unsealed, recommendation was to encapsulate and label the asbestos. However the home buyer plans to extend above the garage and wanted some costs to remove.

Within the loft there is also an asbestos cement flue pipe which is going to be removed as part of the garage ceiling removal project.

The client was initially unsure if to have an asbestos management survey carried out but is more than happy as they have had the removal costs deducted from the sale of the property and having all asbestos removed prior to moving in.

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