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Complete Asbestos Surveys carried out the safe asbestos removal of a cement flue pipe on the external of a domestic property in Leeds.

We recently carried out the safe asbestos removal of this asbestos cement flue pipe for the homeowner in Leeds.

The home owner was referred to us by one of our clients who we carry out asbestos removal within schools for.

Asbestos removal of the flue pipe is relatively easy and can be removed fully intact.

Using a ladder to access the pipe we simply lift each section off. Each section is connected by slotting each section into each piece’s sleeve.

The holding brackets are screwed into the properties wall and can be unscrewed. This allows for full removal to be intact.

Asbestos cement flue pipes are generally white asbestos which is lower risk than other asbestos types however the asbestos can be weathered or damaged which increases the likelihood of releasing asbestos fibres.

Client was very happy with the removal project as it was also holding up the erection of a scaffold for some roofing repairs.

Do you have a flue pipe you need testing or asbestos removal carrying out? Get in touch and our team will guide you through the process.

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