Asbestos surveys in Deansgate Manchester

In our ongoing commitment to maintaining safe and compliant environments, we recently conducted a meticulous Asbestos Re-Inspection Survey in a prominent office block nestled in the bustling heart of Deansgate, Manchester. This vital assessment was commissioned by a leading property facilities management company that oversees a portfolio of substantial properties across Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.

Understanding the Complex

The office block in question is a versatile space accommodating various enterprises, from retail giants like Tesco to fitness centers, restaurants, and numerous office units. With such a diverse range of uses, ensuring the safety and regulatory compliance of the building is paramount.

Identifying Asbestos Risks

During our comprehensive survey, our expert team meticulously inspected key communal areas within the complex. We identified asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in critical locations such as boiler rooms, staircases, plant rooms, and lift motor rooms. These areas, crucial for the building’s infrastructure and daily operations, require careful management to mitigate any potential risks associated with asbestos exposure.

Types of Asbestos Products Inspected

Our survey encompassed a variety of asbestos products commonly found in buildings of this nature:

  • Asbestos Insulating Board (AIB): Used for fireproofing and insulation purposes.
  • Asbestos Floor Tiles: Known for their durability but requiring careful handling due to asbestos content.
  • Asbestos Cement Flue Pipes: Found in older heating systems and must be managed with caution.
  • Asbestos Rope Seals: Used in sealing applications in boiler rooms and similar environments.
  • Asbestos Lift Brake Shoes: Essential components in lift systems but require monitoring due to asbestos presence.

Each of these materials presents unique challenges in terms of management and maintenance, underscoring the importance of regular inspections and adherence to safety protocols.

Management Recommendations

Despite the presence of asbestos, we are pleased to report that the property’s management has implemented effective control measures. Our survey identified only minor recommendations for additional precautions, primarily involving the labeling and encapsulation of certain asbestos products. These proactive steps will bolster the building’s asbestos management plan, ensuring ongoing safety and compliance until the next scheduled inspection.

Client Commitment to Safety

Our client, the property facilities management company overseeing this office block, has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to safety and regulatory compliance. By proactively engaging in asbestos re-inspection surveys and promptly implementing recommendations, they exemplify responsible stewardship of the buildings under their care. This approach not only safeguards occupants and visitors but also upholds industry standards for environmental health and safety.

Visual Insights

For a visual representation of our findings and the asbestos materials inspected, we invite you to explore the gallery below. These images provide a firsthand glimpse into the meticulous process of asbestos assessment and underscore the importance of proactive management practices.


In conclusion, our recent Asbestos Re-Inspection Survey in Deansgate, Manchester, highlights the critical role of comprehensive asbestos management in maintaining safe and compliant building environments. Through diligent assessment, strategic recommendations, and proactive management practices, we contribute to the ongoing safety and well-being of occupants and uphold regulatory standards.

At Complete Asbestos Surveys, we remain committed to delivering thorough and professional asbestos surveying services tailored to the unique needs of each client. For more information on our services or to schedule an asbestos survey for your property, please contact us today.

Thank you for joining us on this journey towards safer environments.

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